Sunday Conversations – For a healthier 'YOU'

Sunday Conversation program is a remarkable initiative which builds a strong relationship between the community and doctors. This initiative gives the community a chance to be well informed and be conscious towards their health. A very well-known program which focuses only on health and information. This program helps the community to learn more about medically verified information and learn about health conditions from the experts.

We all know that "prevention is better than cure". The first and foremost focus of this program is to educate about health to the community. All the medical and health information will be shared with the community only by the experts.

This program has already benefited 4000+ people over 50 sessions within a period of twenty- four months.

All the individual who attended this program is benefited by the expert's information.

Join Fortis's Sunday conversation – "Being informed, is being healthy".


At Fortis, through SeniorsFirst Program, we will always be a helping hand to people who are advanced in age.

It's always a special feeling when you know that you have someone who cares for you. SeniorsFirst program gives elderly a host of privileges and priority over others. We believe that as you grow up, you deserve not just veneration, but above all, devoted care.

At Fortis, it's our duty and privilege to assist our elderly in every possible way. Through the seniors first initiative, we aim to bring a chance towards elderly healthcare. We understand that all our patients need are different and our objective is to deliver high-quality care based on their needs.

So, here's to welcoming a completely new hospital experience.

“Golden care for the golden age”.

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Families have always been, and continue to be, the primary source of help to those with long- term care needs. We know our parents or elderly loved ones better than anyone. We are the ones they first reach out to in need of help especially when it comes to any health-related support.

The continuous assistance to the hospital, care, and supervision at home can become emotionally very overwhelming. Trying to balance your life and the care for your loved one can naturally cause stress, frustration, exhaustion, or some time even anger.

Fortis Hospital provides integrated home healthcare service for the people in need. The main objective is to provide high-quality medical service at home. It gives freedom to the patient as well as their loved ones. Emotionally, it can be better too. A journey with an ailing loved one can become easier if the caregivers don't let their own lives pass them by.

At Fortis, we care for the ones who care for their loved ones.