Oncology care at Fortis Hospitals

Among India’s top oncology care hospitals, we are the first to acquire World’s most Advanced Surgical Robot, 4th Generation Da Vinci XI at Fortis Advanced Robotic Centre (ARC), Bannerghatta Road. With the vision of providing the best healthcare services, Robotic surgery will now be performed for all major Cancers: Urological, Gynecological, Bariatric & complex Gastrointestinal surgeries. Being one of the best oncology care hospitals in India, we were also one of the first to start performing minimally invasive neck dissection, scar-less endoscopic thyroidectomy, and video endoscopic inguinal lymphadenectomy in India, making our highly skilled doctors the pioneers of excellent cancer treatment methods in India.

At the root of all this, is our strong belief that expert care with compassion, wins the battle. What makes Fortis Hospitals the best oncology hospital in Bangalore is its dedicated Cancer Institute that has been especially created for the sole purpose of imparting the most technologically advanced cancer treatment methods, in an environment of complete and compassionate care. This exclusive cancer care centre at our oncology hospital provides integrated and personalized evidence-based care with the best interest of the patient in mind. The essence of this holistic approach is in including all aspects of care such as the physical, psychological, spiritual and social dimensions.

Cancer need no longer be feared.  In the right hands, it can be treated safely with minimal or no side effects. Fortis is one of the best cancer care hospitals and no one understands cancer and its treatment better than our expert oncology team of leading oncologists and cancer specialists in Bangalore who have trained extensively in the US, UK and India. One of the best cancer care hospitals, Fortis has been at the forefront of Cardiac Sciences, Bone & Joint Care, Gastro Care, Kidney & Urology Care, and Brain & Spine Care for the last 26 years. To continue being an eminent oncology hospital, we have now expanded our services to the people of Bengaluru in comprehensive cancer prevention and care through a dedicated 200 bedded Oncology unit located at Bannerghatta Road shortly.

Cancer diagnosis at Fortis:  

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge medical technology and their experience, our globally acclaimed oncologists and cancer specialists, provide holistic cancer treatment through high precision cancer diagnosis, and advanced medical and surgical treatment techniques, making Fortis Hospitals Bangalore one of the best oncology hospitals in Bangalore and in the country. Whether it is a tumor or a hematological malignancy, in an early or advanced stage, as a premium oncology hospital, Fortis Bangalore involves end to end cancer care solutions including prevention, rehabilitation, chemo treatment and crucial support programs for cancer survivors to live a cancer-free life ahead.

All this is possible because the dedicated Cancer Center boasts of, the best team of leading oncologists and cancer specialists in Bangalore, and is equipped with the latest in medical and surgical technology. This expert team at our cutting edge cancer care center administers their high precision prowess in the state of the art Laparoscopy Oncology Theatre supported with the latest Robotic technology. With their multidisciplinary and methodical approach to cancer treatment, the erudite oncology team at Fortis Cancer Hospital aims at delivering flawless oncology treatment in India by restoring the best quality of life for patients, during the treatment stages and the recovery phase. It is their collective endeavors that ensure each patient gets the best treatment available and makes us one of the best oncology hospitals in India.

Our Cancer Center is equipped with comprehensive services like:

  • Integrative Oncology
  • Survivorship Program
  • Preventive Oncology
  • Medical Oncology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Hematology

Pain in cancer, involves both the physical and the psychological. While the threshold of pain is different for each person, cancer patients and their care-givers need immense support in its management. This is where pain management specialists at Fortis’ cancer care hospital step in to make the treatment process relatively pain-free.  Cancer treatment at Fortis comprises of counseling the patient and the caregivers on how to handle the pain of cancer and the accompanying mental trauma. As one of the best cancer treatment centers in the country, our Pain and Palliative Medicine team seeks to relieve pain through a systematic yet simple, predetermined program that follows minimal use of pain relieving drugs, hence avoiding side-effects, as well as non-drug treatments. 

There is life after cancer; being one of the top cancer cared hospitals in India, Fortis’ unique Survivorship Program believes this and helps cancer survivors to reclaim their life after their ordeal. Under this hand-holding program, adult cancer patients who are diagnosed early and go through the initial treatment process, are monitored and supported even after they are declared cancer-free. This support system helps them cope with a normal routine, manage their diet and nutrition, and generally help them in their recovery to prevent any possibility of a relapse. One of the best hospitals for cancer treatment, Fortis’ Doctors believes there is hope yet and lifestyle modifications in tandem with healthy food habits can prevent the growth of cancer cells in our body.

Fortis cancer treatment center

With the chief objective of preventing the development and progression of cancer and promoting early detection in high risk groups, Fortis’ cancer treatment center formed the Preventive Oncology services. Besides educating and instilling in people the significance of cancer prevention through nutrition and lifestyle orientation workshops and lectures on tobacco and alcohol use. Medical oncology involves the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and other medications that include targeted therapy. From the moment a patient is diagnosed with a tumor or malignancy, in any stage of growth. Among the best hospitals for oncology, Fortis’ dedicated Tumor Board of celebrated oncologists, radiologists, hematologists, pain and palliative care specialists, physiotherapists, counselors, etc from various specialties, put in their expertise together to discuss the best mode of treatment and holistic care.

Their dedicated prowess in laparoscopic and robotic surgery makes them the most experienced team in medical and surgical oncology. Fortis Cancer Institute is among the top oncology hospitals in India and our team of leading oncologists and cancer specialists provide the best cancer treatment in India. They are specially skilled and accomplished in this specialized branch of cancer treatment. As this involves synchronized efforts of all specialists, the dedicated Tumor Board of pathologists, radiologists, medical oncologists and surgical oncologists comes together to discuss the best cancer treatment that suits the patient. Since each patient’s condition is different from the other, the specialists assess and plan an individualized approach to the treatment and healing process.

Armed with the trusted finesse to handle high precision robotic surgical techniques, chemotherapy treatment and minimally invasive oncology surgeries to eliminate the smallest of cancerous tumors, our oncology surgeons adopt the most advanced and safest procedures involving tiny incisions for minimum scars. This revolutionary procedure allows the patient to return to normal life in the shortest time with least pain. A few challenging diseases require a multidisciplinary approach by highly specialized medical practitioners to combat the disease and administer a multipronged treatment methodology. As one of the best cancer hospitals, Fortis Bannerghatta Hemato Oncology department, one of the leading ones in Bangalore and in India, the excellent team of hematologists and oncologists work in synchrony to treat blood disorders and blood related cancers with grit and determination.