Liver Care at Fortis International Care

The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body and an important component of the digestive system. It is located below the diaphragm on the right side of the abdomen. It performs a variety of functions, including the production of bile, which helps in absorption of fats, fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol, detoxification of the blood, processing the nutrients, and producing proteins which aid in blood-clot.

Liver transplant surgery is a treatment of last resort, a surgical procedure carried out for end-stage liver disease, also known as liver cirrhosis treatment or chronic liver disease. It involves the removal of the entire liver, to be replaced with that of a healthy donor. The process depends on many factors, such as the severity of the condition, medical history of the patient, overall physical condition, and other medical conditions that the individual might have. However, if a person is afflicted by cancer or heart problems, in such cases liver transplant is not carried out.

Fortis international care is the best liver hospital in India owing to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced techniques of diagnosis and treatment and experienced specialists who are well-trained to handle any kind of complication or eventuality. Recognizing the effect of liver transplantation on the human body, we have adopted a multidisciplinary approach for resolving such complex surgeries, involving professionals having different areas of expertise, such as surgeons, transplant hepatologists, interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists, critical care intensivists and a dedicated and well-trained support staff.

Treatment for Hepatobiliary Sciences and liver damage

In order to provide world-class liver damage treatment, we have a specialized centre at our premises to focus exclusively on all the aspects of liver care. At Fortis international care Centre for Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant, we have a dedicated team comprising of highly skilled and qualified  haematologists and surgeons who are proficient in performing  liver transplant surgery in India and other hepatobiliary treatments. They ensure the best treatment for not only the liver, but also the associated organs such as pancreas and gall bladder. They are well-versed in the complete spectrum of liver care, including complications such as liver cirrhosis, liver disease, liver failure, liver cancer and in the treatment of fatty liver and enlarged liver, amongst others.

What are the Kinds of Liver diseases Treated?

Fortis International Care is a highly preferred liver cancer hospital in India and we are adept at treating various compilations and diseases of the liver.  

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:

This is an extremely common condition in India due to the prevalence of diabetes and an unhealthy lifestyle. This is a metabolic disorder characterized by an inflammation or deposition of fat in the liver. It is usually diagnosed during a routine health check-up or during an ultrasound scan for other complications.

Alcoholic Liver Disease:

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to the formation of scar tissue which replaces the healthy tissues of the liver, impairing its vital functions such as blood filtration, breaking down of proteins, creation of bile in order to absorb fats etc. This is the most advanced form of liver disease related to alcohol consumption.

Liver Cirrhosis:

This is a disease which involves an irreparable loss of liver cells and scarring. It is mainly caused by consumption of alcohol and conditions like hepatitis B and C. Some of its symptoms are loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, itchiness and pain in the area where the liver is located. The liver cirrhosis treatment mainly hinges on stopping alcohol consumption.


It occurs in a majority of the cases of liver cirrhosis characterized by accumulation of fluids in the abdominal cavity. The only treatment option in this case is a liver transplant.


Infections such as hepatitis A, B, C and E also severely affect the liver warranting a transplant. Hepatitis A causes acute liver failure, while B and C cause chronic liver failure. Hepatitis C spreads through blood due to improper blood transfusions and usage of unsterilized or improperly sterilized syringes.

Wilson’s disease:

It is a genetic disorder causing copper poisoning in the body. This impairs the normal liver function of filtering out excess copper and can even affect the brain.

Fortis Hospital is a premier liver transplant hospital in India and has many specialists who are experts in the field of hepatology. They are renowned for providing the best treatment for liver cancer and effectively handling various other liver complications.