Liver Care at Fortis Hospitals

If you are able to live it up healthily, the liver should be given all the credit. This marvelous organ is responsible in flushing out all the toxins from your body, filtering blood before circulation, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, allowing you to absorb the vital nutrients for your healthy existence. The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and does the incredible work of a huge factory that involves making proteins, triglycerides and cholesterol, producing bile, assisting in glycogen synthesis as well as glycogen synthesis. One of the top liver transplant hospitals in India, Fortis delivers unmatchable liver care to patients at a reasonable price.

Fortis Liver care specialties:

The liver is a wonderfully strong organ that keeps you in the pink of health and rarely fails you. However, it has its way of protesting till it’s pushed beyond its capacity. Liver failure is of two types – acute and chronic. One of the best liver treatment hospital in India, Fortis has teamed up with erudite medical professionals who are ace at hepatobiliary treatments. Acute liver failure is caused by ingesting poisons, or auto-immune diseases causing inflammation and injury to the liver. Chronic liver failure is occurs gradually over the years when the liver is damaged or scarred, caused usually by cirrhosis. Both of them left untreated can be fatal. Amongst some of the top liver hospitals in Bangalore, Fortis is your one-stop hub for all liver related conditions.

A happy and healthy liver is a sign of a healthy body. Situated on the right side of the body, its main role is to filter the blood before distributing it to the rest of the body. It is also responsible in helping your fight infections and build up your immunity levels. Being a premium liver transplant hospital in India, we have a special Hepatology department that specializes in the study and treatment of all conditions that affect the liver, biliary tract and organs, the pancreas and gall bladder.  One of the best liver care hospitals in India, Hepatologists or liver specialists at Fortis Centre for Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant treat all liver problems, both common and chronic ones with the same dedication and expertise.

At Fortis Liver Care unit, the experienced team of liver specialists ensures the best treatment for your liver and the associated organs such as pancreas, biliary tree and gall bladder. When these organs are afflicted with common diseases including Hepatitis A and B, fatty liver, cirrhosis and even liver cancer, the hepatologists rise to the occasion to diagnose and treat the diseases in the best possible methods. One of the best liver transplant hospitals in the country, our team comprises highly qualified and skilled hepatologists who are equipped with the agility and precision to conduct liver transplants when this incredibly hardworking organ gives up functioning to its maximum capacity.

Liver cirrhosis treatment at our hospital:

One of the best hospital for liver transplant in India, Fortis comprehends cirrhosis as a fluid process and highlights the best therapeutic options for prevention and treatment of complications arising from cirrhosis. We provide top-class liver transplant treatment in India by internalizing a new concept for early liver cirrhosis prevention. Once a patient is diagnosed with cirrhosis, there are very less chances of reversal of the disease. The main medical objective focuses on containing the disease and slowing its progression as much as possible. One of the best liver treatment hospitals in India, Fortis provides some of the top class liver transplant surgeries in India by internalizing a new concept for early cirrhosis & liver failure prevention. We also deliver premium fatty liver disease treatment among other services.

When it concerns Gastroenterology and liver transplants, Fortis Hospitals provides the best liver care and precise diagnosis backed by state-of-the-art modern day surgical equipment. One of the best liver care hospitals in India, Fortis’ liver transplant surgeries are performed by the country’s most experienced and patient friendly team of experts who have brilliant records in terms of patient care and surgical outcomes.

From the common viral Hepatitis A and jaundice to the serious conditions such as gastrointestinal bleeding, pancreatitis caused by gallstones, fatty liver disease, Hepatitis B and C which are the common causes of liver cancer, the liver specialists are adept at providing the best treatment for liver cancer. The complicated conditions include alcohol induced diseases of cirrhosis and pancreatitis that often require a transplant. The wondrous liver is adept at flushing out poisonous substances from the body. But, it cannot handle fat deposits. This is why when your diet is laden with fat and this unhealthy dietary habit accumulates abnormal amounts of fat over the years, it leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Liver treatment for this disease requires is a little handholding by the specialists at Fortis liver care unit who will put you on a fatty liver treatment comprising of a healthy diet and exercise regimen for weight loss. 

Premium liver care facilities at Fortis:

The liver has magnificent capability to detox itself to a certain limit. It is the most resilient organ that helps ward off infections and regenerates itself.  While new cells are recreated each time, consumption of alcohol over the years can do serious damage to the liver.  And if it is already a fatty liver, alcohol can be fatal.  Alcohol has adverse effects on the liver. It can singularly scar the liver and cause irreparable damage, endangering your life. With extreme alcohol abuse, other liver treatments might not work and the liver can develop cirrhosis, often not reversible. We provide some of the best liver cirrhosis treatments in India. According to the team of expert hepatologists at Fortis Centre of Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant, a person who has alcohol-related cirrhosis and doesn’t stop consuming alcohol has a less than 50 percent chance of surviving for five more years.

The liver can be afflicted by five viral infections categorized as Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. While Hepatitis A is caused by eating contaminated food and water, Hepatitis B is transmitted through body fluids infected with the virus. This infectious virus is spread in infected blood, semen and vaginal secretions and can cause scarring of the liver, liver failure, liver cancer, and even death. 

The liver is a naturally resilient and powerful organ that fulfills all our body’s requirements to stay healthy. But, there are unfortunate circumstances that can cause damage to the liver, requiring patients to go in for a brand new liver. The best part of the liver is that even a piece of a liver from a donor can be enough to give the patient new life. And who best to know when you or a loved one requires a transplant than the liver care experts at Fortis Centre for Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant? One of the top liver transplant care hospitals, we have a dedicated team of liver care specialists who provides enlarged liver treatment and gently assists you through the various other stages of liver treatment, leading to a successful transplant. Right from counseling both, the donor and recipient families on the procedure, to the transplant programme details, treatment, and rehabilitation.