The exceptional Liver transplant program at Fortis Hospitals effectively treats patients with chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, acute liver tumours as well as complex disorders that involve the gallbladder, bile and bile ducts, liver cancer including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) hepatitis C, and biliary stricture. Expert doctors at our facilities perform these intense procedures with the aid of advanced technologies in surgical interventions to provide best in class treatment. Our dedicated and highly experienced team comprises of renowned specialists in liver, renal and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeons, professional physicians and anaesthetists. Hepantic/Liver transplant is the transplant of a diseased liver with some or all of a healthy liver. The liver constitutes of numerous cells and when they start getting destroyed, it loses much of its function. The liver possesses the extraordinary capability to grow again by itself, but if much of the liver is destroyed, a transplant is required. Our proficient group of surgeons, hepatologists, combines efforts to facilitate personalized care for transplant patients. Our sensational team works closely with oncologists and surgeons to assure that every requirement of our patients is met.

The team also consists of seasoned transplant coordinators and physiotherapists. The integrated and multifaceted team of experts at Fortis manages entire aspects of patient care starting from initial assessment to post transplant care.