Consultant MAS & Bariatric Surgery

Gastroentrologists in Bangalore

Dr. Tulip Chamany is an extremely qualified surgeon with more than 23 years of medical excellence in her field. Besides her exemplary surgical experience in MAS & Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Tulip gives prominence to lifestyle changes after surgeries through exercise and maintaining a healthy body mass (BMI). For her commendable work in her field, she has been accoladed with the SOE- “Surgeon of Excellence” Award in Bariatric and Metabolic surgery by the SRC- “Surgical Review Corporation”, USA.  


Dr. Tulip has acquired her MBBS from Pravara Institute of Medical Science, under Pune University. Dr. Tulip has completed her surgical training at HCG, AV Hospital and Vikram Hospital, Bangalore.

Area of Expertise

Her areas of expertise involves performing redo surgeries like Sleeve to mini gastric bypass, Sleeve to Roux en Y gastric bypass, Band to bypass, Re-sleeve in people who have regained weight after surgery. Her emphasis lies on weight management and lifestyle improvement post-surgery that further helps her patients maintain an optimal BMI as well. She has also been involved with short-term training of surgeons and gynaecologists in the field of laparoscopy.