We have a very experienced Neurosurgery/Neurology team to address a host of functional neurosurgical disorders at Fortis

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson Disease, Dystonia, Tremors, and (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) OCD. It involves placement of neurostimulators electrodes in different targets of brain and connected to the impulse generator or a battery. Electrodes stimulate, inhibit or neuromodulate to prevent abnormal movements.

Deep brain stimulation is also being studied in drug resistant epilepsy, addiction, obesity, chronic pain, cluster headache, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Post stroke, Tourette syndrome, post stroke, Depression, cluster headache.

Why is it used?

It is used to treat Essential tremors, Parkinson Disease, Dystonia and OCD are drug resistant or medications have failed to improve quality of life to the desired extent or have side effects. Especially in Parkinson’s it helps to alleviate motor symptoms, tremors, on and off fluctuations.

A team of Expert Neurosurgeon and Neurologist will evaluate to see the feasibility of Deep Brain stimulation in our outpatient Department. Once suitable candidate for DBS is identified a detailed work up is done as inpatient. Pre surgery blood and imaging is done.

Surgery involves two parts

  • Placement of electrode (Cranial Part)
  • Placement of Battery or pulse generator (Chest Part)

Cranial part: On the day of surgery our team of expert neurosurgeons fixes a Stereotactic Frame on the head of the patient and obtains a CT/MRI. MRI and CT images are fed to planning station, fused and suitable target and trajectory is chosen. Small holes are drilled in the skull and electrodes are passed to the desired target with millimetre accuracy using various confirmatory tools. Patient is awake and is tested for the adequacy of response.

Chest part: Patient is under light anaesthesia where Battery or Pulse Generator or pacemaker is placed in the chest and connected to the electrodes with connection leads. All the hardware is underneath the skin.

Programming is done after 4 to 6 weeks to where specific electric impulse generated by battery is transmitted to the targets in brain via the stimulating electrode. This modulates the response.

We do a gamut of functional neurosurgery such as Baclofen pumps for spasticity, intracthecal pain pumps for chronic pain, spinal cord stimulators for pain and peripheral nerve stimulators or neuropathic pain.

Dr P R Krishnan

Dr P R Krishnan,

Senior Consultant-Neurology
Experience: 26+ Years

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