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Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve dragged yourself to get on the internet. And now that you have, let us tell you some of the things you might notice after you undergo a brain surgery. And when your brain is at stake, you get it cured at the best possible place, therefore consult at Fortis International Care which is known to be one of the best neurology hospitals in India.  Here’s what you expect after a brain surgery:

It takes pretty long to recover:

It probably sounds obvious, but this point took a long time to sink in. It might take months or years before you start feeling normal again. And that’s okay. Healing takes time. Being patient with yourself is the key.

You’ll have the attention span of a goldfish:

TV shows will be a task for you to follow and reading books or email will be an absolute impossible. And this happens mostly because of the aforementioned medicine.

It might hurt. A lot :

This should probably fall right into the ‘obvious’ heap. The thing is, getting your head drilled actually causes pain. Now is the time, take your painkillers, you can be a macho later. Also, if your cerebral fluid starts leaking out your nose or ears, call your doctor right away.

Nerves take a long time to regrow:

When your neurologist cut into your skull, they also cut into a lot of tissue and nerve. Over the next couple of months, as these grow and heal, they’re going to be crazy sensitive. You can apply a bit of pressure to help soothe your nerve endings.

Steroids can turn you into a hormonal beast:

The good news is- they stop your brain from swelling, so you clearly don’t die. The bad news is- they turn you into a rage-filled Hulk. But with acne. Here’s a tip: try eating lots of lean protein and veggies, and accept that you might gain some weight, anyway. Just remember, it’s a phase.

Your throats is going to hurt like hell from the breathing tube.

You are going to wake up crazy thirsty from anaesthesia, and no one is offering you water, because they might think you’re going to throw up. So, instead, you keep ice chips in an attempt to quench your crazy thirst.

For a very brief window of time, everything in your life is going to make sense. The petty things that bug you will settle, and you’ll just feel grateful to be alive.

Hope you’re feeling better today!

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