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Probable Risks Of Undergoing a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement in India

Knee Replacement surgery is one of the treatment options for a knee joint that osteoarthritis has damaged. Osteoarthritis develops due to a breakdown of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. As with any surgical procedure, knee replacement surgery carries risks. Some result directly from the surgery, while others stem from the body’s reaction to the operation. To receive quality treatment, consult at Fortis Hospitals as it’s renowned to be one of the best hospitals for Knee Replacement in Bangalore.


People who have knee replacement surgery require anaesthesia to prevent them from feeling pain during the operation. If one opts for general anaesthesia, they will be unconscious and will not wake up until the operation is over. Whereas, regional anaesthesia is only used to numb the leg or lower body, and the person remains awake during the entire surgical procedure. Some of the side effects that come along with anaesthesia are:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • A Sore Throat
  • Heart Attack or Stroke (rare)
  • Trouble Urinating
  • Allergic Reactions


Any opening or cut through in the skin will allow bacteria to enter, which could potentially lead to infection. Once an individual is done with the surgery, they should keep an eye out for the following signs of infection:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Warmth
  • Fever


Bleeding during and after any surgical intervention is natural. Sometimes, after surgery, blood can pool under the skin and cause swelling. In that case, another procedure may be needed to release the blood.

Blood Clots:

A blood clot is one of the most significant risks of knee replacement surgery. If surgery damages a blood vessel or if a person stays immobile, blood clots are more likely to form. The continuous movement of the legs or wearing compression devices after surgery can help prevent clots from forming.

The problem in breathing: Some people have difficulty trying to breathe deeply right after surgery. Your healthcare professional will help the person take deep breaths to get the lungs to function properly again.  Equipped with world-class facilities and modern infrastructure, Fortis Hospitals certainly makes for the finest knee replacement hospital in India.

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