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Precautions to Take After a Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

Precautions to take after a successful liver transplant surgery

Liver transplant has become a revolutionary treatment for those suffering from end-stage liver disease, primary liver cancer and acute liver failure. While the replacement of the damaged liver by a healthy liver is necessary, post-surgery care is equally important.

Important practices in order to have a successful long term outcome after Liver transplant:

  • Hygienic Surroundings:

The first step towards a healthy recovery begins from one’s home. When the patient arrives home after liver transplant, the family members should keep in mind that the house has good ventilation. The patient should wear a mask in the first three months following surgery while going to crowded places. Hand washing after meeting strangers should be practised.

  • Diet and Nutrition

After the surgery, the patient will have an insatiable appetite, which is a good sign. The patient’s diet should be rich in protein. Drinking water must be safe. Raw food and salads must be avoided. One should also avoid sweets and fruits that might shoot up the blood sugar. Post-transplant medicines will often raise the blood sugar and insulin will need to be used in the first three months. Smoking and consuming alcohol is a strict no-no.

All About Liver Disease and Liver Transplant

  • Regular checkup

While liver transplant in India has become popular in treating liver diseases, post-surgery care is important in optimizing long-term outcomes. Therefore, it is important that the patient attends follow up clinics regularly. After the surgery, there is an increased risk of coronary artery disease as there is a tendency for weight gain, diabetes may be present and high blood pressure.

  • Medications

Medications are essential for the recovery process, and one should never skip their medicines prescribed by the doctors. It is also essential for the family members to get familiarized with the medicines and ensure that the patient complies with the prescribed medication.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise is also recommended to the patients. However, they should never lift heavyweights, including babies, or perform abdominal exercises such as weight training or swimming before three months. Deep breathing can help in expanding the lungs.

In order to maximize the success of liver transplant operation, the above-listed precautions will make the transplant surgery a long-term success.

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