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Ever since it was established, Fortis Cancer Institution has been devoted to pioneer the field of medical Oncology and bring relief and hope to cancer survivors as well as their caregivers. Our Oncology department has an intensive cancer-care program that upholds a multifaceted approach to pediatric and adult oncology. Named amongst the top blood cancer treatment hospitals in south India, Fortis provides premium blood cancer treatment in India. We have numerous innovative medical programs to benefit those suffering from Cancer. At Fortis, we have sub specialists for each of the following Cancer treatments: Medical Oncology, Haematology – adult & pediatric, Radiation Oncology, Specialized Onco surgery and Bone Marrow Transplant services.

Fortis healthcare is glad to be collaborating with some of the best hematologists in India and the most well- experienced Oncologists, transplant and Onco-surgeons in the industry who comes with global reputation and decades of practice. Given the strong portfolio of medical professionals, we have some of the country’s best BMT & Hematology care unit that is capable of handling even the most complex of procedures and treatments. We encourage our patients to get rid of the fear of cancer. The simple fact that Cancer could be totally curable, if diagnosed in time- is the belief we spread among our patients. Over the years, we have successfully garnered a positive reputation that has helped us become a highly preferred best blood cancer treatment hospital for both domestic and international patients.

When it comes to cancer care at Fortis International Care, having some of the best hematologists in India, conducts radiology services and Bone Marrow Transplants with sheer mastery and utmost medical care. For all life threatening cases of Cancer such as- Leukemia, Lymphoma, Germ cell tumors or Aplastic anemia- Bone Marrow Transplantation is usually the best solution to opt for. Our BMT & Hematology care unit have the most up-to-date, top notch HEPA filtered rooms so that the chances of our patients contracting airborne diseases are diminished to a miniscule. Being one of the best medical care providers in India and Asia, we offer fine quality radiology services that render the otherwise painful procedure of bone marrow transplantation rather humane and comparatively painless.

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When would you need a Bone Marrow Transplants

A BMT is required when your healthy bone marrow has been damaged by cancer or similar diseases, accidents or too much chemotherapy. Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside your cells that has multiple important functions.

Bone marrow creates the following parts of your body

  • Red blood cells : This carry and circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
  • White blood cells : This helps the body fight infections and is the main controller of immunity.
  • Platelets : This helps stop excessive blood loss by initiating by blood clotting process.

The procedure of Bone Marrow Transplant is similar to a blood transfusion. In case of an allogeneic transplant, bone marrow cells will be extracted from the donor a few days prior to the actual procedure. For those whose own cells are being used in the operation, the cells will be retrieved from the stem cell bank. Our Oncology experts have an excellent record of resuscitating and operating on patients with serious complications arising from cancer. Having a patient-centric motto, it’s always our utmost priority to make sure the patient is never too uncomfortable, and only after ensuring their comfort and well-being, we proceed further with our treatment procedures.

Fortis Hospitals’ BMT and hematology care department has always been actively engaging in advancing the medical procedures involved in the treatment of cancer while trying to pioneer the specific branch of Bone Marrow Transplant. We have some of the best hematologists in India who are well known for their contributions to the field of stem cell therapy & Bone Marrow Transplant.

Fortis Healthcare offers four major types of BMT services to patients:

  • Stem cell donation
  • Haploidentical Transplant
  • Allogeneic Cell Transplant
  • Autologous Cell Transplant

Being one of the best blood cancer treatment hospitals in India and Asia, we offer fine quality radiology services that render the otherwise painful procedure of bone marrow transplantation rather less painful. Fortis has some of the best hematologists in India who have redefined eminence and caliber in bone marrow transplants, thereby making the hospital one of the best blood cancer treatment hospitals in the Asian subcontinent.

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