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Everything You Need To Know About Cancer

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Among many other challenges that the medical world faces today, cancer is one of the most highly feared. Across the world, the disease poses a serious threat to development, regardless of economic and social advancements of a given country. Medical estimations show worldwide almost nine million people die of cancer every year.

In India, national statistics say the

  1. Estimated number of people living with cancer in the country is around 2.5 million.
  2. Every year, as many as 7 lakh new patients are diagnosed with some form of cancer.
  3. As many as 2,500 people die in India every day due to only tobacco-related cancer.
  4. There is an instilled fear among people, that once you get cancer, you are bound to die. It is due to this misconception that many patients are reluctant to follow up with their treatments.

It’s thought that there are more than one hundred types of cancer that can affect just about any part of the body. The total number of cancer-related deaths in India among the age group of 30-69 today stands around 5,56,400 per year among which two-thirds are male patients and the remaining are female.

Common Type of Cancer in India

  1. Carcinoma of the lungs and oral cavity in men and
  2. Breast & cervix Cancer in females are the most common type of cancers that are commonplace in India.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and instead grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells.

5 main Categories of Cancer:

  • Leukaemia: It begins in the blood and bone marrow.
  • Carcinomas: These begin in the skin or tissues that line the internal organs.
  • Lymphomas: These start in the immune system.
  • Sarcomas: It develops in the bone, cartilage, fat, muscle or other connective tissues.
  • Central nervous system cancers: These develop in the brain and spinal cord.

The most common type of cancers and how to spot them

Best Treatment for Cancer in India 

Depending on the stage of the disease, there are many treatment options available for a person diagnosed with cancer. The main goal of the treatment is to kill as many cancerous cells while reducing damage to normal cells nearby. Chemotherapy and other advanced treatment procedures have made curing cancer a step easier than it was before.

A top medical care hospital in India, our cancer institution has always been dedicated to providing the best results and comfortable medical experience to patients. One of the best health care centres in India, we maintain a patient-centric atmosphere where the main priority is to deliver first-class cancer treatment in India to the ones in need. Alongside providing relief for cancer, we also help fight the taboo that persists around the disease in India.

By encouraging more and more people, especially in the rural areas, to follow up with their treatment and educating them about the facts about cancer- we help patients battle not just the disease, but also provide them counselling to lead a positive life full of more hope and happiness. We motivate our patients to internalize the fact that Cancer, if diagnosed in time, it is completely curable and that life goes beyond Cancer.

Cancer-related complications are the second leading cause of death in India, after cardiovascular diseases. Prolonged use of nicotine products like cigarettes and chewable tobacco is the single most preventable cause of cancer-related deaths in the country. There are many biological, environmental and lifestyle factors that lead to cancer- unhealthy diet, substance abuse and exposure to harmful elements are some of the major contributors of cancer.

Among other elements, alcohol, red meat, too much sugar or dairy and too less intake of healthy substances are directly linked to an enhanced risk of a person developing cancer, sooner than later in his/her life. Currently, the most common types of cancer treatment are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tumour surgery and hormonal therapy.

There are multiple ways to prevent cancer by ensuring you lead an overall healthy lifestyle; these include- not using tobacco, maintain a healthy weight, fruits/vegetable-rich diet, limiting alcohol intake and being physically active. Fortis, being one of the Top  Medical Tourism Hospitals in India provides the latest and the best oncology facilities to patients, some of which include- medical oncology, clinical haematology, radiation oncology, BMT and nuclear medicine.

One of the best health care centres in India, the Department of Oncology at Fortis follows a programme that includes trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approaches in the field of both adult and pediatric oncology. With comprehensive programmes, the department has onboard super-sub-specialists in the field of Medical Oncology, Hematology – adult & pediatric, Radiation Oncology, Specialized Onco surgery and Bone Marrow Transplant services. There are variously specialised clinics and with a range of Support services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Cancer.

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