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Liver Transplant at Fortis Hospital Bangalore

Liver Transplant at Fortis Hospital Bangalore

Better medical management and improvements in the field of diagnosing and treating liver diseases mean that a growing majority of chronic liver disease patients are now surviving rather than succumbing to it. Till now, the perception was that the ultimate footprint of chronic liver disease is related entirely to the complications of end-stage liver diseases.

However, the mindset is changing as more and more number of systematic symptoms are being recognized that can occur at any given point in the natural span of a chronic liver disease and simultaneously be associated with functional disabilities and a reduced quality of life.

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Symptoms of Liver Disease

Symptoms of liver disease may vary from person to person, though most commonly they will include

  • Bruising
  • Jaundice
  • Swelling of the abdomen and
  • Legs and changes in the colour of stool and urine.
  • Sometimes liver diseases might be asymptomatic as well.

Imaging and liver function tests can diagnose liver damage and help you stop the progression of the disease. When it concerns Gastroenterology and liver transplants, Fortis Hospitals provides the best medical services both in terms of sharp, precise diagnosis and state-of-the-art modern day surgical treatments.

Stats of Liver Diseases

Liver diseases and Cirrhosis has become an increasing cause of morbidity and mortality in the first world countries, being the 14th most common cause of death globally. Cirrhosis can be sub-classified into distinct clinical prognostic stages, with 1-year mortality ranging from 1% to 57% depending on the advancement of the condition.

One of the best liver transplant hospitals in India, Fortis comprehends cirrhosis as a fluid process and highlights the best therapeutic options for prevention and treatment of complications arising from cirrhosis. We provide some of the top-class liver cirrhosis diagnosis in India by internalizing a new concept for early cirrhosis prevention. Early intervention to disable disease progression is pivotal to avoid clinical decomposition of the organ and the need for liver transplantation. We are dedicated to deck out the best clinical care and liver transplant surgeries in order to enhance the quality of life among our patients.

Unlike commonly held notions, Liver failure has multiple causes, including:

• Cystic fibrosis
• Alcoholic liver disease
• Liver cirrhosis
• Wilson’s disease
• Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
• Early-stage liver cancer
• Hemochromatosis
• Biliary duct atresia

Liver Transplant Hospital in India

At Fortis , Liver transplant surgeries are performed by the country’s most experienced and patient-friendly team of experts who have brilliant records in terms of patient care and surgical outcomes. The multidisciplinary team comprises of Surgeons, Transplant Hepatologists, Gastroenterologists, Anesthesia and critical care Intensivists, Interventional Radiologists and well trained technical and nursing staff. We also run evaluation centres for liver donors and patients at various Fortis hospitals.

Treatments for chronic liver disease 

  1. Controlling the illness that led to cirrhosis and prevent worsening of cirrhosis before liver failure or cancer develops.
  2. Treating complications that cirrhosis causes by enhancing and modifying diet, nutrition or transfusing clotting factors to prevent excessive bleeding. Providing effective medications to reduce the occurrence of ascites, edema, and the buildup of toxins.
  3. Completely avoiding alcohol and medications that could affect the liver.
  4. At the last stage, when cirrhosis progresses further and the complications can no longer be contained, patients may opt for liver transplantation.

A liver transplant is a surgical process to remove a diseased liver which can no longer function normally and replace it with a healthy liver from a donor. Most donor livers are extracted from deceased people. One of the best hospitals in India, Fortis ensures to integrate all the latest updates in the world of medicine to keep up with our institution’s prestige of being one of India’s best liver hospitals. Our highly skilled team of doctors brings onboard a plethora of skill and medical caliber that helps continue our legacy.

In today’s scenario, the number of people waiting for new livers is much higher than the number of livers available for donation. Naturally, liver transplants are reserved for the patients who are critically ill and can no longer survive without a liver replacement.

Fortis Hospitals has been nurturing its reputation as one of India’s best liver transplant hospitals through decades of expertise in medical technologies. Due to the immeasurable contribution of our liver experts, Fortis has been distinguished at engineering cutting-edge, exclusive methods of transplant surgeries and general medicine for chronic liver diseases. Patient centricity being one of our mottos at Fortis, our inpatient services assimilates technological infrastructure with the best liver experts from all over India, providing first-class liver care and prevention of the progression of liver diseases among our patients.

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