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India is Emerging as The Hub of Medical Tourism Industry

A growing number of tourists from across the globe are flocking to India for the high-end
medical treatment that’s being provided by the efficient doctors of the country. This has led
India to grow as a hub of Medical tourist Industry .

Now let’s understand as to why this is happening. The primary reason being the reduced costs
compared to other countries, the availability of latest cutting-edge technologies and a
continuous growth on international quality standards as well. On top of that, a visa-on-arrival
scheme for tourists from selected countries has been introduced that holds the permit to stay
in India for 30 days for medical reasons.

It has been estimated that treatment cost in India start
at around a tenth of the price of what it is in America or Britain. The most important treatments
that the medical tourists undergo are Bone-marrow transplant, Cardiac bypass, Eye surgery and Hip replacement. India also has a reputation for conducting some of the Best heart surgeries, Hip resurfacing and other areas of advanced medicine. However, for a patient
traveling to India, it’s important to keep in mind to find the optimal Doctor-Hospital
combination. The ambulance service in India is timely and up to the mark. They have all the
facilities you’d be needing, often have assistant doctors alongside.

Also, many foreigners are flogging to India even for Ayurveda and Naturopathy because such
treatments are not available there. There are innumerable hubs all across the country. While
such treatments are not available in foreign countries, and even if they are they come with a
price. Medical treatment in India has fueled the growth of the industry.

India provides an opportunity to the medical tourists to visit some of the most awe-inspiring places by taking
them on a medical tourist trip.

India is filled with qualified and efficient set of doctors and that has worked as a major factor to
attract medical tourists. Since the doctors are well-versed with speaking English, it becomes
easier for the tourists to communicate well.

Among many other hospitals, Fortis International Care has evolved to be one of the Best
medical tourism hospitals in India.
It goes without saying that medical tourism has grown
tremendously over the years.

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