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How Does Extra Weight Affect Heart Surgery?

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The prevalence of obesity continues to rise nationwide, as does the prevalence of heart disease requiring surgery. It has been proven time and again that patients with BMIs in the overweight and obese ranges are at an increased risk for diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure and other heart diseases. Having backed by some of the finest surgeons and world-class facilities, We has secured its place to be one of the premier heart surgery hospitals in India.

Why Excess Body Weight Really Matters?

Excess body weight can pose additional problems before and after surgery. Obesity-related medical conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, and sleep apnea may limit your ability to indulge in daily activities. While most heart operations are anecdotally more difficult to perform on obese patients, operations do not necessarily take longer. However, once the operation is done, it can accompany a number of complications that are worth discussing with your surgeon prior.

Post-operative complications that have increased in obese individuals include:

  • Reduced kidney function or kidney failure requiring dialysis
  • Breastbone wound infection and poor wound healing
  • Prolonged time requiring mechanical ventilation
  • Pneumonia

Collectively, these factors usually result in slightly longer hospital stays for patients who are obese.

What is it you can do about Excess Body Weight?

The best possible way out of this situation involving increased risk is prevention. Consult with your surgeon to help you focus on ways to optimize your health both before and after the surgery. Some of the queries that you might have:

  • What level of exercise is safe before surgery?
  • Are there any specific activities or breathing exercises to be considered?
  • When is it ideal to resume the exercise regime?

In case you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, be sure to ask about ways to ensure good blood sugar control prior to your operation. If you have any specific goals to look forward to right after your operation, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your surgeon or cardiologist.

Post-operative follow up is also critical. Heart surgery is physically and psychologically stressful, but setting certain goals can help you stay motivated toward progress. Once you’re done with your surgery, you can regain back your independence. At Fortis International Care, one can be assured to receive the best possible treatment as it’s known to be one of the best heart hospitals in India.


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