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How Does Extra Weight Affect Heart Surgery?

The prevalence of obesity continues to rise nationwide, as does the prevalence of heart disease requiring surgery. It has been proven time and again that patients with BMIs in the overweight and obese ranges are at an increased risk for diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure and other heart diseases. Having backed by some of the […]

Five Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases

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5 Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases

When it comes to maintaining optimal heart health, nothing could be more effective than a healthy diet and getting moderate amounts of exercise on a regular basis. As cliché as these may sound- a low-fat diet and some easy lifestyle modifications are proved to be paramount for retaining a healthy, strong heart. Fortis Hospital is […]

Cardiovascular diseases

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Cardiovascular Diseases: Types and Prevention

Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest cause of death among people worldwide. In India too, the numbers are nothing short of scary. These conditions are caused by the disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Some of the most commonly diagnosed types of cardiovascular diseases include- coronary heart disease (heart attacks), cerebrovascular disease (stroke), raised blood […]

Avail The Best Cardiology Treatment Today From Fortis Hospitals


Avail the Best Cardiology Treatment Today from Fortis Hospitals

Managing and sustaining cardiac health is becoming an increasingly hazardous issue amongst today’s population. With today’s sedentary lifestyle and altered food choices giving way to more cardiovascular diseases which already have been on a continuous rise and become the leading cause of death in India. When it comes to cardiology related treatments, Fortis Hospitals provides […]