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Brain Tumor Treatment: Questions and Answered

A brain tumor diagnosis and treatment can bring many questions in your mind. Consult at Fortis Hospital as it’s known to be one of the premium brain surgery hospitals in Bangalore. Here are some of the important questions that are answered about brain tumor surgery treatment:

1. What are the treatment options available in India for patients facing a brain tumor recurrence?

In case there’s a mass that can be safely removed, then it can be removed. This may alleviate symptoms and verify whether it’s truly a recurrence or something else (like dead tissue) that just looks like a tumor on the MRI.

2. What if the brain tumor is inoperable?

It entirely depends on the size, location and the symptoms of the tumor. Since we are backed by experienced neuro surgeons and world-class technology, we are able to safely operate many tumors that might be inoperable elsewhere.

3. How does one treat cancer that spreads to the brain from elsewhere in the body?

Solid tumor cancers such as lung cancer, melanoma and breast cancer can easily spread to the brain. These tumors are called brain metastases. If there’s a single tumor, surgery can be considered. If there are multiple tumors, radiation or radiosurgery is typically used. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy can also be some of the feasible options for some patients.

4. What’s the status of developing immunotherapy for glioblastoma?

Immunotherapy has currently been introduced for glioblastoma patients through clinical trials. Other immunotherapy trials use a patient’s own cells, like T cells or natural killer cells, and reprogram them to attack the brain tumor.

5. What’s a bit of go-to advice for brain tumor patients?

You’re not likely to have the same experience as of other patients. So the best advice could be live every day to the fullest and stay optimistic as much as you can, with the expectation that none of us can predict what’s going to happen next.

Backed by an erudite set of surgeons and world-class treatment facilities, Fortis Hospital stands out to be one of the top brain surgery hospitals in India

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