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Bone Marrow Transplant at Fortis Hospitals

Bone Marrow Transplant At Fortis Hospitals

Bone Marrow Transplant  Hospital in India

Fortis Hospitals is ranked amongst some of the top hospitals in India when it comes to meting out supreme quality healthcare to patients. As a healthcare conglomerate, Fortis has always been committed to hand out the best outcome and the most pleasant experiences to its patients. We ensure to maintain a patient-centric atmosphere where the prime focus is on delivering medical help to the needy with utter finesse. Being one of the best hospitals in the country, we make it a point to provide both the patients and their caregivers a treatment that reflects genuine warmth, compassion and cordiality.

We at Fortis Hospitals are always striving to take excellence to the next level and come up with innovative concepts which will help shape the medical sciences and take today’s advancements further into future. One of the top hospitals in Bangalore, we make sure to accept full responsibility for our actions and constantly attempt to exceed expectations. A study conducted by ‘’ ranked Fortis Hospitals as being the second most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, placing us far ahead of many other leading global healthcare providers.

A reliable and trustworthy combination of expert medical personnel and modern, up-to-date infrastructure has made Fortis Hospitals one of the best hospitals in India. Over the years, we have successfully built a golden reputation that has helped us become one of the country’s best preferred medical destinations for both domestic and international patients. Having a highly-skilled set of doctors and medical supervisors on board, we have specialized in more than fifty different medical treatments, providing quality healthcare facilities for each of those, some of which includes: Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Foetal Medicine, Infertility, Geriatrics, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Haematology, organ Transplantation and Oncology.

Fortis Cancer Care Department

Ever since its establishment, Fortis Cancer Institution has been devoted to revolutionize the field of Oncology and bring relief and hope to cancer survivors and their caregivers. Our Oncology department has an intensive cancer-care program that upholds a multifaceted approach to pediatric and adult oncology. At Fortis, we have subspecialists for each of the following Cancer treatments: Medical Oncology, Haematology – adult & pediatric, Radiation Oncology, Specialized Onco surgery and Bone Marrow Transplant services.

Talking about Cancer care, Fortis Hospitals is dedicated to help the patients and their families not just fight off the disease itself but also the psychological and emotional trauma that comes along with it. Coming with a reputation of being named amongst the top hospitals in the country, Fortis has come up with numerous compassionate medical programs to benefit the battlers of Cancer. We motivate our patients to internalize the simple fact that Cancer is not the end of the world, that if diagnosed in time, it is completely curable and that life goes beyond Cancer. We are happy to have with us one the most well-trained and humane Oncologists, Hematologists, transplant and Onco-surgeons in the industry who comes with international reputation and decades of practice. Given the strong portfolio of medical professionals, even the most complex of procedures and treatments at Fortis are pulled off in the easiest and most successful manner.

Bone marrow transplant is a medical technique that is required when all other Cancer treatments prove to be futile and unable to yield the necessary positive results. The process needs replacement of damaged bone marrow with healthy, fresh stem cells. Human bone marrow could be destroyed due to infection, diseases or severe doses of Chemotherapy. Marrow is the thick, spongy tissue found inside bones that helps carry out several significant biological functions. It generates the following parts of blood:

  • Red Blood Cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body
  • White Blood Cells, which controls the body’s defence system and help fight off infections and platelets, which are responsible for blood coagulation.

Once the damaged marrow is replaced with healthy stem cells, they produce new blood cells and eventually promote the growth of fresh marrow.

One of the top Cancer hospitals in India, Fortis Hospitals conducts Bone Marrow Transplants with sheer supervision and utmost medical mastery. The medical behemoth makes it a motto to deliver the best in everything they offer to the patients. We take pride in the fact that we have the most up-to-date, top-notch HEPA filtered rooms so that the chances of our patients contracting airborne diseases are diminished to a miniscule. Being one of the best medical care providers in India and Asia, we offer fine quality radiology services that render the otherwise painful procedure of bone marrow transplantation rather humane, comparatively painless and easier to handle. Our Oncology experts have an excellent record of resuscitating and operating on patients with serious complications arising from cancer. Having a patient-centric motto, it’s always our topmost priority to make sure the patient is never too uncomfortable, and only after ensuring their comfort and well being, go further with medical procedures.

For all life-threatening cases of Cancer such as- Leukemia, Lymphoma, Germ cell tumours or Aplastic anemia- Bone Marrow Transplantation is usually the best solution to opt for. Bone marrow is found in all major bone-joints, e.g. hips, spine, skull and ribs.

Fortis hospitals come equipped with top-notch medical facilities and fully up-to-date requirements needed for a successful administration of bone marrow transplant.

Types of BMT Fortis offers to patients:

  • Stem cell donation
  • Haploidentical Transplant
  • Allogeneic Cell Transplant
  • Autologous Cell Transplant

The track record of our success with numerous cases of Bone Marrow Transplant spans through years. Fortis Hospitals has always been actively engaging in advancing the medical procedures involved in the treatment of cancer while trying to pioneer the specific branch of Bone Marrow Transplant. Our medical experts are well known for their contributions to the field of stem cell therapy & Bone Marrow Transplant. Not just in the particular field of cancer but also in non-cancerous disorders, our doctors.

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