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Top 3 Benefits About Robot-Assisted Partial Knee Replacement

Robot Assisted Knee surgery

Robotic-assisted partial knee replacement is an advanced technique that’s FDA-approved. In fact, patients with joint degradation in either the inner or outer part of the knee as a result of osteoarthritis can often have better results with robotic surgery than through conventional procedures. Armed with a set of scholarly surgeons and matchless facilities, We have been one of the best knee replacement hospitals in India.

In Robotic-assisted partial knee replacement, only the affected diseased portions of the knee are resurfaced and the surrounding bone and tissues is preserved.

The benefits of Robot-Assisted Partial Knee Replacement are listed below:

1. Surgery is Precise:

Robotic-assisted partial knee replacement allows an orthopaedic surgeon to selectively target joint areas. During the process, only the diseased portions of the knee are resurfaced- meaning the healthy bone and surrounding tissues are being maintained.

Orthopedic surgeons can be more precise with knee implant placement, which means the new joint will undergo less friction and wear. Also, patients who undergo robotic-assisted PKR usually have fewer complications.

2. Surgery feels Natural:

Troubled about your joint feeling robotic after the surgery? You needn’t be. Patients who opt for this surgical technique experience outcomes that feel entirely natural. Accurate alignment and implant positioning are crucial to a natural-feeling joint replacement.

With the aid of 3D software, the orthopedic surgeon can achieve a more exact alignment. The surgeons can make any necessary changes or adjustments based upon real-time video imaging. Because of the accuracy, results from robotic-assisted PKR surgery feel more natural.

3. Recovery is Faster:

This procedure is less invasive than conventional knee replacement surgery– the incisions are smaller, and more of the surrounding bone and tissue is left undisturbed. So patients are likely to feel less postoperative pain, heal quicker and are able to return to their daily activities sooner. Because of the speedier recovery, most PKR patients are discharged from the hospital in just one or two days.

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